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Rated for 24/7 Continuous Operation

ProSpectre Displays are designed to operate for extended periods and will perform flawlessly for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Bezel width is more important when viewing detail on smaller video walls, as information can be “lost” in the bezel. Thinner bezels ensure an unbroken sense of immersion, giving a cleaner aesthetically pleasing video wall

Built in video wall processing

ProSpectre video wall displays offer flexibiliy. The built in video wall processing is useful and can save money when the requirement is only for a single source to be displayed.

The ProSpectre video wall experience

In its simplest form, Video Walls are used to create large images by arranging monitors in an array to display one large, high resolution, digital surface.

More advanced video walls will allow you to display multiple sources, simultaneously, anywhere on the wall. These advanced displays do not limit the content to within the boundaries of the individual displays, but even allow you to straddle one or more displays. Video wall displays can also be arranged in different ways to create unusual shapes, which would not be possible with single displays. They could for example be arranged in a 1 by 5 array to give you a panoramic effect.

Video walls have many applications across many verticals, but are almost exclusively limited to indoor installations. We supply video walls with built in image processing. Meaning, no additional processor will be needed depending on your desired functionality.

Video Wall most common uses are:

Control room – Where a lot of data is viewed by several operators at the same time. This could be in network operating centres, disaster centres, command centres and even call centres
Retail – Shopping centres or in the shops for advertising, promotions or events
Signage – For displaying information in airports, transport hubs and corporate spaces
Entertainment – Live Sports broadcasts, music concerts and casinos

Our Video Walls include:

Video wall bracket

Full Solutions are available

Combining professional grade technology for a seamless collaboration experience

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