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Rated for 24/7 Continuous Operation

ProSpectre Displays are designed to operate for extended periods and will perform flawlessly for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Remotely Manage Content

Various types of content can be scheduled and remotely managed.

Streaming Over IP

Streaming over IP is fast becoming the most popular method of deploying digital signage in both small as well as large projects. Multiple content streams can be sent over the network and individual displays can be selected to display the desired content.

Flat panel LCD displays.
Large Format Display has become ever more prevalent in our daily lives. We see it everywhere. It is being used for advertising, way finding, information, Queueing systems as well as for entertainment. It is used in many, diverse market segments including retail, industrial, hospitality and corporate.

Large Format Display technology has transformed over the years and has now become more immersive with high definition graphics and videos, and is much simpler to implement and manage than in the past.

There are many display options available, but by far the most popular and cost effective are flat panel LCD displays. Our displays offer versatility with the support and integration for 3rd party Signage Platforms. They can be deployed in many different and interesting configurations. These displays can be used singularly or grouped into a video wall. They can also be used in a vertical (or portrait) orientation to fit the content better, or just to be more aesthetically pleasing. Video walls can also be made up of displays in portrait mode.

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No matter what method you choose to deploy in your Large Format Display project, ProSpectre offers a cost effective, elegant and technically sound solution. You might also be interested in the following products to support your Large Format Display solution.
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