A dynamic solution for education, corporate and retail.
ProSpectre Interactive Displays are designed with Multi-Touch enabled LCD screens (LED backlit). The interactive Large Screen computers provide a dynamic and engaging solution for education, corporate and retail environments. ProSpectre Interactive Dispays encourages learning,
advanced communication, consumer engagement and participation, and information sharing through quality interactive technology. ProSpectre Interactive Dispays offers a responsive 10-point touch and multiple options are available up to 86”).
10 point touch
Anti-Glare Surface
Interactive White Board Application
Internal Android Processor
Full HD Performance
Horizontal/Vertical Orientation
A quality product, designed to last
ProSpectre is a trusted professional product that delivers quality at an affordable price range
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Interactive Flat Panel displays (IFPD) are popular applications for:

Information Kiosks
Training & collaboration
Long distance learning

Which solution suites you best?
ProSpectre displays are capable of content mirroring across multiple displays, internal android processing and the option that enables 10 point touch screen functionality. ProSpectre displays ensure versatility with real world benefits that ensure a product that suites your needs. Let us assist you with the best combination of product and software that best suites your needs.

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Continuous Operation

ProSpectre Displays are rated to operate 24 hours 7 days a week, making them ideal for corporate and retails environments.

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Extended warranty

Rest assured that ProSpectre is a quality product that is fully backed by Electrosonic SA. With up to 5 years extended warranty.